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Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES)



Whether you are an independent or a globally recognised chain, RES offers fully integrated point-of-sale solutions with tools for the back office, restaurant operations and guest services. End-to-end communications throughout your operation increase efficiency, speed of service, and ultimately provide a better guest experience for your customers.

Its modular architecture ensures the highest degree of flexibility and scalability. And if you need more functionality, more POS systems or even if you want to open new stores, MICROS RES easily grows with you.

The MICROS RES suite consists of the following solutions/modules:

Front-of-House solutions:

The foundation of RES is the powerful and flexible MICROS 3700 Point-of-Sale (POS) system that is designed for optimised speed of service and enhanced guest experiences. Beyond all standard POS functions, the MICORS 3700 POS offers a vast range of functionality for process optimisation and increased level of service and guest satisfaction.

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Guest Service Solution (Customer loyalty and delivery/carry-out solution)

As a module of the complete MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES), the Guest Services Solution (GSS) provides restaurants with a single-source, all-in-one guest marketing system that helps you build loyal and repeat customers. Implement a frequent-diner programme and track guest preferences to build a loyal following that comes back more often.


Back-of-House solutions:
Product Management

RES Product Management (PM) streamlines your restaurant’s day-to-day business processes for inventory, ordering and receiving.

Labor Management

RES Labor Management’s (LM) powerful program supports the recurrent, high-maintenance requirements of employee data management. Its comprehensive modules help control your restaurant’s labour resources to minimise cost and maximise productivity.

Enterprise Management (central configuration and data maintenance tool)

A powerful configuration management tool, MICROS RES Enterprise Management (EM) enables corporate offices to control store-level information. Giving your chain’s command centre the ability to execute consistent pricing and respond quickly to changes in local restaurant competition, your market share increases naturally.

When security, data integrity, easy software deployment and real-time business intelligence top your list of requirements, MICROS RES is your solution.

Fully integrated enterprise solution:
  • Easily scalable
  • Investment protection
  • Easy connection to MICROS eBusiness solutions ensures different deployment options (local or central)
  • One-stop solution
Key Benefits:
  • Optimised operations
  • Intuitive POS user interface leads untrained staff through the order process
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased sales through optional integration of state-of-the-art mobile Internet technologies
  • Efficient enterprise management with access to consolidated data

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Sodexo opened its second restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia

Baltic Hospitality and Retail Systems is glad to announce that Sodexo opened their second restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia in September 2016 with Oracle Hospitality products. The restaurant is using Oracle Hospitality RES 3700 Software together with Micros hardware to manage their daily operations.  Read more...

The newest member of Accor family in Riga choose Oracle Hospitality products

Baltic Hospitality and Retail Systems is glad to announce that Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel went live with Oracle Hospitality products on the 16th of June 2016. The hotel is using Oracle Hospitality OPERA5 Hotel Property System and Oracle Hospitality RES3700 Software together with Micros hardware to manage their daily operations.  Read more...



BHRS offers to hospitality, relaxation and entertainment companies wide range of integrated solutions that suite to small starting companies as also big complexes. No matter if you run a small limited services hotel, big accommodation complex, conference center, spa, hotel chain that runs in different countries, pub, fast food place or restaurant chain- we will be able to offer you a solution that fits perfectly to your company needs, makes everyday work smooth and provides you full control over the operations in your property.

Products made by BHRS cooperation partners have leading position in the hospitality industry and are chosen as preferred solutions by many bigger and smaller international hotel and restaurant chains. Our partners continuously invest to the development of the systems and look for new ways for remote management or the properties and communication with the end user using different channels. The wide selection of interfaces provide connection possibility to the most of international systems that are used in hospitality companies like telephone stations, Pay TV systems, lock systems, Building Management Systems, automatic minibars etc.


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BHRS (Baltic Hospitality & Retail Systems) OÜ is an international information technology development company that offers software and hardware solutions to the hotels and restaurants since 1996 and from 2013 also to the retail sector in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


The mission of BHRS OÜ is to offer high quality integrated IT management solutions for hospitality and retail industry in Baltic countries and guarantee high-level customer satisfaction. Our product range has systems specifically created for both - large scale operators and smaller accommodation, catering and retail companies.