XBRi Loss Prevention

XBR Ingenium (XBRi)

MICROS Retail XBRi is the latest innovation in the XBR family, the world's most widely used loss prevention and store data analysis tool. XBRi is an intuitive, intelligent and global analytical reporting solution that is designed to quickly identify suspicious trends, transactions and other data anomalies. XBRi allows easy user access, dynamic functionality and forensic analysis to make more informed decisions with timely, data-driven answers to your business questions.

Using exception based reporting methodologies, XBRi allows users to respond to store, cashier and even transaction irregularities. Exceptions are identified, tracked and managed from inception through resolution and details can be extracted within seconds. With web and mobile accessibility, users can log onto XBRi on the go, so data can remain at their fingertips.

XBRi Features

·      LP reporting that specifically targets high-risk transactional activity that changes daily

·      Flexible and interactive pivoting, drilling, and linking to uncover and investigate cause

·      Interactive dashboard to immediately direct field users to their high-risk areas

·      Controls to spot trends, expose repeat offenders, and manage exceptions through resolution

·      Easy report creation to meet specific business needs using step-by-step report wizards

·      Automated subscriptions and distribution to increase user and system productivity

XBRi Benefits

·      Achieve rapid ROI, often 100% return in less than 12 months

·      Immediate reduction in shrink and uplift in sales

·      Quickly identify fraud incidents and collect court-admissible evidence

·      Identification of policy violations and training issues to resolve operational problems

·      Reduce operational costs through efficient auto-distributed alerts and reports

·      Provide easy access to queries by field and store staff

·      Measure operational performance using KPIs