· BHRS maintenance service operates in all Baltic states 24 hours a day

· 14 specialists in the company deal with maintenance issues

Our maintenance service includes:

  • · Software and hardware maintenance (Hardware maintenance is inclusive to maintenance contract fee )

  • · Advice by system specialists for problem solving

  • · System updates

  • · The customer informs BHRS of the system error. When taking a telephone during normal working hours on a Monday to Friday the client can talk with the product specialist who helps to solve the problem. Outside of working hours (including at night) a message can be left on the BHRS tehelon number and the customer will be contacted within 30 minutes after leaving the message. The telephone messages are duplicated and send to BHRS Request Tracking system at the same time.

    ·BHRS sends to the customer a monthly maintenance report, summarising the customer's system maintenance and development issues.

  • Every client can appoint people in their organization who have right to have access to their maintenance questions trough BHRS RT ( Request Tracking System)

· Problems are solved by remote connection,phone or on site at the customer's premises.


Important aspects of BHRS system training:

Training takes place in small groups of up to 10 persons and the variable ability and speed of trainees to acquire new knowledge is taken into account

Training is held in the BHRS office or on site at the customer's premises

Each participant can use a computer to test the newly acquired theoretical knowledge in practice

Training is conducted by our experienced specialists


Training is divided into basic and complementary training.

Basic training is an important part of the installation process and is intended for everyone who will use the system.

The main purpose of complementary training is to give users further knowledge of the system. Training is held as required by the customer. A better knowledge of the system, a more efficient use of the capabilities available, improvements in working efficiencies and system updating are the key advantages of our complementary training.

The more efficient the training, the more quickly and confidently your employees can operate the system.