Time Savings for Your Customers

With Mobile retail solutions from MICROS, you can streamline the shopping experience in numerous ways both in the store and online

Mobile point-of-sale

Mobile POS solutions allow your associates to handle the full range of POS functions- or a subset you define- as they move freely around your store. Meeting customers on the sales floor gives them the flexibility to offer better service. Common uses include:

-  Line-busting

-  Tent and warehouse sales

-  Luxury service

-  Inventory lookup and counts

Web for mobile devices

The MICROS Fry division specializes in e-commerce and has developed mobile capabilities for their OCP web platform that includes the ability to implement a flexible, intuitive mobile-optimized website that can be easily managed by the website’s Site Manager.

Pagers for busy shoppers

With a JTECH paging solution, it’s your customer who gains mobility. Rather than force him or her to sit and wait- or leave the store altogether- let your customer continue browsing. Paging solutions are well-suited for many scenarios such as:

- Photo developing

- Alterations and tailoring

- Onsite embroidery, engraving, or other customization

- Featured services such as sharpening, refurbishment, or repairs

- Gift wrapping

- Receiving assembled merchandise