Analytics Software

Transforming Data Into Actionable Priorities

MICROS retail business intelligence solutions let you aggregate transactional data from all your sales channels into a single repository, where the numbers can be analyzed offline without affecting the performance of your production systems.



A clear picture emerges from a mountain of transaction data We recommend that you first cleanse the data using a sales audit solution.

This ensures that analysis (and subsequent decision-making) is based on timely, accurate, and complete information. Then during analysis, you can “slice and dice” the data across many different dimensions: by geography, sales channels, suppliers and categories of merchandise, and types of transactions, such as returns and exchanges. Looking out across your organization, you can to evaluate performance on a wide range of parameters, identify emerging trends ahead of your competitors, and spot anomalies—both positive and negative—that may warrant further investigation.

Flexible query and reporting features allow you to drill down through the data—for example, from the regional to the store level and even as far as the individual transaction—to gain a better understanding of what is working or not working in different areas of your organization. At every level of your chain, access to actionable business intelligence can help enhance performance, provide insight into the effectiveness of initiatives, and improve accountability