Loyality & CRM Solutions

Building Loyalty with CRM

MICROS solutions for customer relationship marketing (CRM) and customer loyalty help you build and develop long-term, profitable relationships by understanding your customers, rewarding purchasing behavior, and targeting offers and incentives to the right people based on their actual activity and transaction information.

Gain a comprehensive cross-channel view

At the heart of our retail CRM solution is a central repository of customer data—giving you a 360-degree view of a customer’s activity including purchases, returns, and participation in promotions and special offers. With this information readily available across all transaction channels, you can:

·      Personalize interactions with the customer

·      Enhance revenue by offering cross-selling and up-selling recommendations

·      Create more effective marketing campaigns based on past history and known preferences.

·      Elevate your customer service capabilities by crediting and awarding loyalty activity at point of interaction.

Easily track and manage loyalty and gift card capabilities

MICROS also offers unified, end-to-end management and tracking of loyalty and stored-value/gift cards, with the option of using one integrated card for both purposes. Cards can be issued instantly - whether online, in the store, or via email—and can be used in any channel. Because all card-related activities are recorded in real time, loyalty points and card balances are always accurate to the last transaction.

Loyalty/gift card capabilities are easy to use and flexible. For example, to ensure customer satisfaction, you can empower associates to issue additional points or dollars to offset an unsatisfactory shopping experience.

Tailor your program as your needs evolve

Without requiring any assistance from your IT group, marketing personnel can tailor promotional programs and implement and fine-tune new offers. Among other options, it’s easy to motivate customers to act immediately or increase their total purchases by offering extra points or gift-card dollars when they buy a specified quantity or exceed a specific purchase amount.

Connecting the dots for cross-channel commerce


MICROS develops solutions for all your channels, enabling cross-channel sales and allowing you to share information without barriers. Furthermore, the solutions are written so that they easily integrate with legacy systems.