Solutions for the Whole eCommerce Life Cycle

MICROS E-commerce services and solutions provide rich, flexible capabilities at every stage of the e-commerce lifecycle. From merchandising and usability consulting to e-commerce web design, from the e-commerce platform, shopping cart, all the way through to analysis and results—MICROS can help you.

Proven e-commerce success

MICROS web commerce solutions have a proven track record of helping e-commerce sites build traffic, increase conversion rates, increase average order size and revenues, and reduce costs. For example, clients have increased their customer count by up to 20 percent and site revenues by over 600 percent while reducing cost per order by as much as 60 percent.

Optimal performance

An effective solution starts with search engine optimization (SEO) features that draw the right visitors to your site: those whose queries indicate a likely interest in your offerings.

Once users arrive, you have a vast array of methods at your disposal to engage visitors. Flexible site search capabilities help shoppers quickly narrow down their selections to find the specific items they’re looking for. Personalization features let you tailor the site experience. For example, the system can recognize a new member and serve up special offers, such as free shipping on the first purchase. Recommendation engines offer upselling and cross-selling suggestions, based on past purchases or other metrics as defined by your marketing team.

E-commerce shopping cart

With flexible, easy-to-use merchandising capabilities your sales and marketing staff can introduce new products and easily launch or fine-tune promotions, keeping your site fresh and effective without requiring IT support.

And once you’ve persuaded visitors to buy, a readily configured and easy-to-use shopping cart capability helps ensure the transaction is completed, thus maximizing revenue while reducing your site abandonment rates.

Web 2.0 capabilities

With Web 2.0 capabilities, you can further enrich the visitor experience by creating communities around shared interests - such as pets, fashion, cooking, or photography—that relate to your products and services. With customer-created content, such as reviews, recommendations, and “how to” articles, you can encourage consumers to spend more time on your site, increase their spending per visit, and give them reason to return more frequently.

Social Selling/Retailing

Online community is not a new concept but current trends in how people communicate and share online have powerful implications for e-commerce. As customers spend more time on social networking sites, retailers are exploring ways to engage customers where they are, rather than trying to drive traffic back to their sites. To facilitate this, the Open Commerce Platform utilizes Add This, Facebook Like, and Gigya to allow customers to post relevant product information from the e-commerce site to the various social networking sites where the retail information can be shared within the social community. Tools such as Gigya will make it seamless to share information across the multiple social sites by using single sign on, sharing, reactions, activity feeds, comments, and mobile sharing as well.


The following blog entries highlight the importance of the convergence of social and retail in an e-commerce environment.