Order Management

Enabling Simplicity by Mastering Complexity

MICROS order management solutions combine remarkably rich functionality with unmatched flexibility. In the simplest terms, this direct commerce software allows customers to order in any way they choose, yet does not compromise the quality and timeliness of the shopping experience or the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Seamless integration means real-time visibility

Order management capabilities integrate seamlessly with other components of a MICROS solution, including our web commerce, CRM, and customer loyalty/gift card capabilities.

The result is to give your call center agents and online shoppers real-time visibility into all aspects of ordering and fulfillment. For example, it’s possible to verify inventory availability in real time—before an order is completed - so customers have accurate expectations for delivery. Adjustments can be made immediately after an order has been placed, for example adding to a customer’s existing order or changing the delivery window or the shipping method.

MICROS OMS solutions also readily integrate with other key applications, for example your financial system, and complementary applications such as a tax service.

Gaining the insight to manage orders more effectively

In the back office, the integration of order management with business analytics gives you rich insight to your current operations so you can fine-tune your processes and adjust inventory distribution to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and accelerate order delivery.

MICROS software solutions for retail are highly scalable, allowing you to easily handle spikes in activity during peak periods and to support rapid growth in the number of customers, transactions, products, and suppliers your direct channels can effectively support.