Loss Prevention

Exception Based Loss Prevention Software

Quickly detect, investigate, and reduce your losses from fraud and noncompliance. Using advanced exception based reporting (EBR) techniques, MICROS loss prevention solution analyzes transaction data from many aspects and identifies patterns that may indicate fraud or theft. The EBR solution issues alerts, and recommends further exploration based on the likely severity of the wrongdoing.

Analyze the evidence

Using flexible drill-down capabilities, loss prevention investigators isolate activity down to the level of a location, register, or individual. Especially where a significant loss may be imminent, they can monitor suspect activity to verify whether fraud is occurring or determine if an issue can be resolved with additional training.

This business intelligence solution also correlates transaction data with other loss prevention methods, such as time-stamped surveillance videos, to build a strong case. From the LP investigator’s aspect, this saves research time and travel costs while providing a solid basis for management to take the appropriate disciplinary or legal action.


Immediate impact, lasting ROI, and behavior change