Merchandise & Supply Chain Management

Manage Merchandise and Supplier Relationships More Effectively

MICROS offers a set of solutions that help you plan, track, and manage merchandising activities, drop shipping,and supplier relationships. By automating and streamlining many time-consuming tasks, these retail software solutions help you quickly improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and increase margins. In addition, enhanced visibility into your environment lets you make faster, better decisions.

Drop-ship Management


The ability to efficiently manage your third party order processes, whether you work with cottage industry vendors, large sophisticated manufacturers, or any combination has a significant impact on your fulfillment cost and your profits. And just as important, the transaction process must be completely transparent to your customers to ensure service and your brand promise.

Product Lifecycle Managment (PLM)

A MICROS product lifecycle management solution, myCreations, for tracking the development and manufacturing of products to be sold under private-label brands. Detailed and immediate access to data on product ingredients, ingredient sources, and manufacturing processes helps you ensure product quality and meet compliance requirements, thereby safeguarding your brand reputation. It also sets the stage for a swift and effective response if problems arise.

Product Information Manager

Manage all of your product images, descriptions, and information from a single database which then supplies that information to all points of use - website, catalog layout, point-of-sale, call center, and more. As manufacturers make changes, you need to update only Product Information Manager.