Workforce Management


Workforce management in focus

Having the right staff in the right place and the right time is key to success in retail trading whilst keeping tight control over costs. Fluctuating customer traffic on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis requires careful and effective planning to ensure the availability of the actual staffing levels are tuned to meet these service needs and avoid revenue losses.



How can you deploy your staff in a more customer-focused way, with flexibility and efficiency at the same time?

MICROS Workforce Management Solution is the answer, to effectively manage demand-driven workforce management in the retail environment. Staffing requirements, forecasts, employee scheduling and time management modules are integratedin a single solution, ensuring that you have the optimal staffing level with the appropriate skills, being available at the right time. Effective workforce management will help you achieve your sales targets and provide your customers the quality of service they want and have come to expect. The MICROS Workforce Management Solution will take the quality of your planning to a higher level whilst keeping your planning effort to a minimum.Precise demand driven forecasting Only high-quality demand forecasts can enable precise, demand-driven planning of your employees.

The MICROS Workforce Management Solution offers the use of both budget allowance for top-down or historical data for bottom-up planning as the basis for the requirement forecast. Taking into account trends, events and calendars, the demand forecast makes use of different drivers, such as sales or customer footfall. The projected values can be changed manually if required, based on the forecast values against optimal staffing requirements as each interval is based on definable productivity targets determined, taking into consideration the minimum and maximum occupations, and thus ensuring the right staffing levels.

Personnel deployment planning without agreements

There is often a huge gap between the current staffi ng requirement and actual staff deployment, particularly with strong fl uctuations in demand. The MICROS Workforce Management Solution provides planners with a real time dashboard displaying all relative information in a clear and comprehensive way, in order to adjust staffi ng requirements as and when required. With the automatic deployment plan, suggestions for the optimal demand coverage are generated. This is achieved by taking into account parameters such as demand requirements, time accounts, qualifi cations, legislation and operational framework, known absences, availability or contractual target hours. Automatic warnings appear to prevent you from breaching skill requirements and other defi ned rules. The use of the same database for employee scheduling and time and attendance ensures that data does not need to be input more than once ensuring the accuracy. This allows the impact on time and attendance and budgeted staff deployment costs to be taken into account as the plans are drawn up.

Flexible time and attendance .Who worked where, when and is entitled to what overtime?

The time and attendance module within MICROS Workforce Management Solution reduces administrative effort and reduces the risk of error. The system issues warnings if a booking is missing for example, or all leave has been cancelled or contracted hours have been exceeded or not met – this is especially important when managing part-time workers. The online feature enables the head offi ce to see which staff members are working in which branches at any given time. All calculated hours including overtime can be transmitted to the payroll system automatically, once they have been validated and approved.

Your benefits

•       Increased service level in spite of extended opening hours

•       Optimized personnel costs thanks to more fl exible and effi cient deployment of working time as a valuable resource

•       Long-term customer relationship

•       Improved planning quality with less effort

•       Guaranteed compliance with legislation and policies thanks to intelligent early warning and notifi cation

•       Greater transparency from the branches through head offi ce with online access to the very latest data within a single database

•       Fact based decisions backed up with well founded analysis – allowing you to act, not react

•       Managing your employees’ “Work Life” balanceExamples of successful projects

•       2 % maximum deviation of the accurateness of sales forecast

•       Increase in employees productivity of over 40 % within three years

•       Sales increase of 6 %

•       Reduction of Personnel costs quota from 15,6 % to 14,6 %

•       Reduction of planning efforts by 90 %

•       Reduction of overtime balance by 80 %